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13 New Bridesmaid Dress Trends | Planning Your 2019 Wedding

A breakdown of the new bridesmaid dress trends to help you get ahead of the game when it comes to planning your 2019 wedding!

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BY A STOCKDALE | 24 AUGUST 2018 | 16:00PM

Long gone are 2018’s dusty pinks, sumptuous sequins, & cold shoulder dress designs! Welcome 2019’s rose tones, wrap dresses, & two piece beauties!

If you’re currently planning your 2019 wedding, and are undecided as to what your maids are going to wear, then you’ve come to the right place!

Below we’ve listed the top 13 bridesmaid dress trends for 2019. Featuring the year’s ‘colour palette of choice’, ‘material of choice’, and ‘tone of choice’.


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true bride M7791. Flutter Sleeves

Long gone are 2018’s fitted sleeves. 2019 brings us the looser ‘flutter’ sleeves.

Perfect for a boho look, or for the more self-conscious bridesmaids in your party.

Product: True Bride, M779
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M760 true bride2. Jewel Tones [2019’s Colour Palette Of Choice]

If you like indulgent, rich, tones then you’ll love 2019’s colour palette of choice!

Featuring rich mustards, emerald greens, and royal blues, 2019 bridesmaids will be fit for royalty!

Product: True Bride, M760
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We are rewritten seville dress3. Tied Shoulders

2019 is going to be the year for relaxed, boho chic bridesmaids.

And with brands like ‘We Are Rewritten’ paving the way for this elegant style, we can’t wait to see what’s yet to come!

Product: We Are Rewritten, ‘Seville’ Concrete Tie Dress
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Showmeyourmumu bridesmaid wrap dress4. Wrap Dresses

Following the trend of the relaxed bridesmaid, wrap dresses are making their way into the world of weddings.

(Elegant peaches and pastel tones are a great way to make this casual summer look suit a formal occasion!)

Product: Show Me Your Mumu, ‘Sophia’ Wrap Dress
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BHLDN Libby Top & Hampton Skirt5. The Two Piece

The two piece is here to stay for 2019!

But prepare yourself for loose-fitting skirts and boho lace tops. The ‘comfortable’ trend continues to make its mark!

Products: BHLDN, ‘Libby’ top, & ‘Hampton’ skirt
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David's Bridal bridesmaid dress6. Velvet [2019’s Fabric Of Choice]

Once reserved exclusively for winter celebrations & formal attire, velvet has become 2019’s fabric of choice.

Knocking the sequin trend out of existence, this new material suits 2019’s jewel colour palette perfectly! Just look at that blood red dress!

Product: David’s Bridal, ‘Teeze Me’, V-Neck Velvet Sheath Dress
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True Bride M7217. Tea Length

Gone are the flowing bridesmaid gowns of 2018, introducing the more practical tea length dress.

But don’t worry!

Designers have certainly not compensated on style or beauty when focussing on this trend! Instead they’ve indulged in lace trimmings, satin bows, and delicate tulle skirts. Heavenly!

Product: True Bride, M721, Bridesmaid Collection
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True Bride Penny, Luna collection8. Cap Sleeves

A consistently beautiful style for many designers, cap sleeves continue to hold their own when it comes to bridesmaid dress trends.

Ideal for maids who are wanting to cover the tops of their arms, or for brides who are looking for a more formal look for their bridesmaids.

Product: True Bride, ‘Penny’, Luna Collection
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tiered bridesmaid dress skirt9. Tiered Skirt

A quiet trend in 2018, the tiered skirt is set to make an impact next year.

But with many designs featuring a heavily embellished bodice, these floaty dresses are going to be anything but ‘airy fairy’.

Product: Maya ‘Tall’ Maxi Bridesmaid Dress; Tiered Ruffled Pleated Skirt £120
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One shoulder bridesmaid dress10. One Shoulder

A timeless design, the one shoulder dress is set to dominate bridal parties in 2019.

Adding to the ‘comfortable’, more relaxed look. This dress style looks particularly elegant in chiffon and when styled on multiway dresses.

Product: Dusky Blue Multiway dress
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Nostalgia Rose, True Bride Kiki dress11. Nostalgia Rose [2019’s Colour Of Choice]

Nostalgia rose slowly made its way onto the wedding scene in 2018, but has now secured its place as our colour of choice for 2019.

Essentially, this tone sees dusky pink lose its brown undertones and adopt lilac and light berry shades instead. And the results are beautiful!

Product: True Bride, ‘Kiki’, Luna Collection
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BHLDN camden bridesmaid dress12. Sheer Fabric

2019 is boho bride heaven for sure!

The sheer fabric trend is perfect for adding that ethereal, whimsical feel to your bridal party look.

Doesn’t it just look stunning?!

Product: BHLDN, ‘Camden’
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Watters maids, marsha13. Cotton Lace

If you’re looking for that vintage touch to add to your 2019 wedding, then you’ll love this new trend!

Top tip: Make sure you can see the quality of fabric before purchasing dresses like these! Sometimes they can look cheap, and that’s not something you want for your beautiful bridal party.

Product: Watters Maids, ‘Marsha’
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