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15 Ultimate Bridal Party Games For You & Your Maids!

Naughty, nice, and something in between. We’ve got the ultimate list of hen party entertainment for you!

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A bridal party would simply not be complete without some memorable games!

Not only are they generally hilarious, but are fantastic for breaking the ice when it comes to bridesmaids that might not know one another.

They’re also a lovely excuse to reminisce about your favourite moments with all of the lovely ladies around you!

Here at Christian Alexander, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to bridal party games to help you have the best celebration possible.  So whether it’s naughty dares, silly challenges, or emotional reminiscing you’re looking for, there’s something for every kind of hen.

Get stuck in, and be sure to tag us in your photos!

1.Marshmallow Challenge


Ever heard of ‘Fluffy Bunnies’? Well this one is a less PC version… Get ready for some mess ladies!

What you need:
(1) Marshmallows. Lots & lots of marshmallows.

How to play: 
(1) Suggest a naughty word
(2) Going round one by one, say the word with first 1, then 2, then 3 (etc.) marshmallows in your mouth
(3) The winner is the maid/bride who can still say the word with the most marshmallows in their mouth! Good luck!

2. Pin the Trunks on the Hunk

pin the trunks on the hunk

Like ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’. But much, much better.

What you need:

(1) A poster of a man or male celebrity (preferably half naked – it makes life more interesting)
(2) A blindfold
(3) Blu/White Tack/A pin
(4) Cardboard shorts/men’s underwear to stick onto the poster

How to play:

(1) Take it in turns to be blindfolded
(2) Spin the player around 10 times then guide them in the direction of the poster
(3) The player closest to pinning the trunks on the hunk (in the right place!) is the winner!

3. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

toilet paper dress game

Because you never know… you might need a backup on the day!

What you’ll need:

(1) Toilet roll… A lot of it.

How to play:

(1) Split into teams
(2) 1 person from each team will act as the dummy
(3) The rest of the team has to make the best dress possible from toilet roll
(4) The bride to be decides which dress she’ll say YES to!

4. Who’s Who

who's who game

A true icebreaker!

What you’ll need:

(1) Pen and paper
(2) Dutch courage

How to play:

*Traditionally, the game is played without the bride; who is left until the end to guess which fact matches each of her maids. But we don’t like the idea of the bride being left out, so we’ve mixed things up a bit!*

(1) Each of you need to write down between 3-5 hilarious/naughty facts about yourself
(2) These then need to be gathered together and shuffled into a pile
(3) Going around the circle, each card gets read out and each of you needs to guess who the fact is about
(4) Every time you guess wrong, you have to drink!

5. It’s All About the Bride

girls in denim jackets holding flowers

Similar to ‘Who’s Who’, this game has all of the bridesmaids write their funniest/favourite memories of the bride. Each then takes it in turn to read them out.

It’s a simple and innocent game, but it sees the bride in the spotlight and helps everyone show their love and appreciation for their beautiful friend!

6. Bra Pong

bra pong image

Because who doesn’t want balls in their bra?

What you’ll need:

(1) A board
(2) 4-6 bras to pin onto the board

*Once the bras are pinned onto the board, each cup must be given a point value*

(3) Table tennis balls

How to play:

(1) Split off into groups of 2, the person you’re with will be your opponent
(2) Each of you will have 3 goes at bouncing the table tennis balls into a bra cup (of your choice) on the board
(3) The player with the highest point score after your 3 goes is the winner
(4) The loser can drink or have another forfeit chosen for them!

7. Play Doh Men

muddy hands

How well do you know the male anatomy? (Don’t go this far^^^)

What you’ll need:

(1) Blu Tack/Play Doh/Plasticine

How to play:

(1) Each person is given a body part to make
(2) The bride is then given the task of guessing which body part each person has made, and piecing your beautiful creation together!

8. Advice for the Bride

bride and groom holding hands

This isn’t so much of a game, more of a hilarious way to let the bride in on the beautiful secrets of married life! So help her out and let her in on the glories of marriage before her big day!

If there aren’t many married ladies in the group, then take a look at the game that we’ve made up below and see if you fancy a go:

(1) Each person has to write down 2 ‘advice’ slips for the bride on married life
(2) If you’re not married, the advice on the slips can be made up, otherwise, try and make at least one of them a valuable snippet!
(3) The bride has to read them out and guess which is real and which is fake
(4) Every time she gets an answer correct, the maids have to drink, every time she gets one wrong, the bride has to drink!

9. Nail Polish or Porn Film?

nail polish


What you’ll need:

(1) Pen and paper
(2) The internet!
(3) A bowl

How to play:

(1) Each of you needs access to the tinterweb
(2) Search for 3x interesting nail varnish names and 3x funny porn film names
E.g. ‘You, Me and the Sea’ (Nail Varnish), ’69 Degrees’ (Film), ‘Fishnet Stockings’ (Nail Varnish), ‘Assablanca’ (Film)
(3) Write each name on it’s own piece of paper
(4) On the back of each piece of paper write an ‘F’ or a ‘NV’ in tiny font on one of the corners so that you know the answer!
(4) Everyone now needs to put their selection in the bowl in the middle and shuffle it around
(5) Each person draws a slip of paper and everyone guesses whether it’s a film or a nail varnish name
(6) For every wrong guess you have to drink

10. Pass the Parcel


It’s not quite the same as when you were a kid – although it still needs just as much planning!

What you’ll need:

(1) Wrapping/tissue paper
(2) Actual prizes/small gifts throughout
(3) Dares written on pieces of card
(4) Glitter and confetti (optional)
(5) A mega playlist!
(6) Stopwatch (optional)

How to play:

(1) Pass the parcel around the circle to music
(2) Each time the music is stopped/the stopwatch finishes the person holding the parcel has to peel off a layer and read the card beneath (usually a dare!)

11. Drink If

girl riding bicycle with champagne in her hand

‘Never Have I Ever’ but with lots of bubbly!

What you’ll need:

(1) Some good ‘Drink If’ ideas – you can write these down on cards and put them in the middle of the table beforehand if you want to!
(2) Your glasses topped up

How to play:

(1) Each player comes up with/draws a card for the ‘Drink If’
(2) If you’ve ever done whatever is suggested, you have to drink


12. Prosecco Challenge

prosecco challenge game

How many challenges will you complete for your beloved prosecco?

What you’ll need:

(1) The game

Buy it online from ‘Paper Buzz‘ (£11.99)

How to play:

(1) Open up the game
(2) Follow the dares on the two cubes inside
(3) Either get the bride or each member of the bridal party to complete one challenge at a time…Will you complete them all?!

13. Gin/Prosecco Pong

prosecco pong

Like ‘Beer Pong’, but prettier and yummier! (Buy here)

What you’ll need:

(1) 6x glasses full of gin/prosecco
(2) Table tennis/ping pong balls

How to play:

(1)Split off into two teams
(2) A player from each team takes it in turns to bounce a ping pong ball into the other team’s prosecco/gin glasses
(3) Every time a ball lands in a glass, the prosecco/gin in the glass must be drunk entirely
(4) The winning team is the one who gets the other team to drink all of the alcohol!

14. Hen Party Dares

popping a bottle of champagne

Because going out can be much more than just drinks and a good boogie!

For a fab list of dares for your hen party on your night out, see here.


15. Cock or What


For the cheekier bridal party…

What you’ll need:

(1) Close up pictures of willies or other items that look like them
(2) Lots of bubbly!

How to play:

(1) Each of you takes it in turns to flip a picture over and each of you has to guess if it’s a ‘Cock or Not’
(2) Whoever gets it wrong has to drink a shot



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