Something blue wedding shoes

20 Unique ‘Something Blues’ For Your Wedding Day

Because tradition dictates we must have blue Manolo Blahnik’s for our big day…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

BY A STOCKDALE | 18 JULY 2018 | 16:00PM

The tradition of ‘Something Blue’ finds its roots in old English rhyme:

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence In Your Shoe”

The idea being that the four objects worn or carried together on a wedding day would bring the bride luck in her new marriage.

‘Something Blue’, for instance, symbolises purity in love, and fidelity in marriage.

Today, the superstition largely remains an English custom. Although many brides have strayed beyond the traditional blue garter, instead finding more inventive ways to incorporate the tradition with their bridal look.

From lingerie, to hair pins and ribbons, to blue wedding dresses.  ‘Something Blue’ is definitely here to stay.

But how do you plan on celebrating the tradition on your wedding day?

Scroll down for our top 20 ‘Something Blues’ for your wedding

cornflower blue and gold bridal hair pin1. Something Blue Hair Pin

Add a delicate detail to your bridal hair do with this dainty cornflower blue hair pin. It’s absolutely stunning!

A Wedding & A Bride – £25
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cornflower blue bridal hair comb2. Something Blue Hair Comb

Because sometimes a delicate pin isn’t enough! Why not dress your bridal hair do with these beautiful blue hair combs?

For more information and inspiration on how these elegant pieces can be styled, visit the ‘Wedding & A Bride’ website.

A Wedding & A Bride – £95
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blue bridal hair comb - gold detailing

A Wedding & A Bride – £35
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something blue bridal garter3. Something Blue Garter

The more traditional ‘something blue’ for many brides, a bridal garter is/was typically tossed by the groom to the single men in his wedding party – much like the infamous ‘bouquet toss’ for the bridal party.

The Wedding Garter Co – £56.80
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4. Something Blue Handkerchief something blue keep your shit together handkerchief

Available in different coloured threads and with additional messages on, these ‘KYST’ handkerchiefs are genius…

Possibly the perfect gift from your maid of honour!

HookAndHoop – £23.76+
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something blue Rainbow Club bridal shoes5. Something Blue Shoes

Deciding on your bridal shoes can be challenging at the best of times!

But with added padding on the inside, and with that all important ‘something blue’ lovingly added to the bottom of each pair of their shoes, the Rainbow Club is an absolute winner!

Visit online

Ted Baker DAHRLIN blue court shoes

Why not skip the ‘hidden’ something blue and go all out with this gorgeous pair of cornflower blue and rose gold bridal shoes?!

They’re currently in the sale too… HURRY LADIES!

Ted Baker – £150  £75
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blue bridal bouquet6. Something Blue Bridal Bouquet

If the colour palette for your wedding includes some blue tones, then why not add these to your bridal bouquet for your ‘something blue’?

Visit this Pinterest board for more ideas!




blue ribbon bridal bouquet7. Something Blue Bouquet Ribbon

If you don’t want to compromise on your wedding colour palette by incorporating blue flowers into your bouquet, then why not simply add some blue ribbon?

It looks absolutely gorgeous too!

Inside Weddings
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8. Something Blue Hair Garlandcustom blue and white bridal hair wreath/garland

Perfect for those boho brides, real flower hair garlands/wreaths add that ideal shabby-chic elegance to a bridal outfit.

Personalise your hair garland with white & blue flowers for your ‘something blue’ feature.

Magaela Accessories – £121.99
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sapphire engagement ring9. Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring

If you’re choosing your own engagement ring (with no budget attached!), then opting for a delicate blue sapphire could be your eternal ‘something blue’ option.

It’s just so hypnotising!

Eidel Precious – £1306.93
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blue statement earrings10. Blue Statement Jewellery

If you’ve opted for a simple wedding dress, or if you’re just a sucker for shiny things. Then some statement jewellery might be the way forward for you!

Invest in some strong pieces like these beautiful drop earrings.

Eldor Tina Jewellery – £70.50
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blue necklace11. Something Blue Necklace

It doesn’t have to be a statement piece of jewellery.

But a delicate blue necklace might be the perfect addition to your outfit, and will tick that all important ‘something blue’ box.

Wilde And Rose – £40.50
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perfect posture essie blue nail varnish12. Blue Nail Varnish

A grey-blue in particular is beautiful as a nail colour choice for brides.

Nails or toe nails… Take your pick!

Essie, Perfect Posture – $11.50
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blue bridal soles13. Blue Bridal Shoe Soles

If you’re not willing to DIY with this one, then shoes with blue soles tend to be pretty difficult to come by, and probably cost an arm and a leg.

Take a look at the fantastic blog below that shows you exactly how you can transform your bridal shoes!

Something Turquoise – DIY Blog
Read here


blue bridal crinoline14. Blue Crinoline

Fit for a princess. This option is stunning!

View more


blue lingerie - something blue15. Something Blue Lingerie

Just make sure no one can see them through your wedding dress…

Bonboneva – £115.47+
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Kate Spade light blue clutch bag16. Something Blue Clutch Bag

This elegant clutch envelope bag is the perfect ‘something blue’ for a minimalist bride.

The simple design, clean lines, and soft colour has us drooling!

Kate Spade – £178
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date stitches17. Blue Stitching Dress Detail

The most gorgeous idea.

This hidden stitching is sewn onto ribbon and stitched into the lining of the dress.

Why not ask your local seamstress if this would be an option for your wedding dress?

Blue wedding table colour theme.18. Blue Table Display

How beautiful is that table display?!

Why not incorporate the ‘something blue’ idea into your table displays and make them look this charming >>>

Get more ideas here



Blue wedding cake19. Blue Wedding Cake

Whether you’re looking for a rustic cake, a naked cake, or a modern minimalist wedding cake. There’s always room to add blue accessories to the design!

We’re loving this gold leaf & marble design >>>

blue wedding dress20. Blue Wedding Dress

A blue tulle skirt or a blue wedding gown can look ethereal and heavenly!

If you’re unsure about a stark white bridal gown, then why not take a look at the other, blue alternatives?

They’re utterly stunning, unique, and breathtaking. What are you waiting for?

Paper & Lace – Take a look at more designs here


I hope we’ve helped you find that ideal ‘something blue’ for your wedding! Good luck with your special day.

A x