3 Foolproof Ways to Guarantee 2018 is Your Best Year Yet.

Advice to help you face the new year.

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BY A STOCKDALE | 09 JANUARY 2018 | 15:40PM


How was 2017 for you?..

Did you achieve all that you wanted to?  Were you as efficient with your time as you wanted to be?  Whatever your answer, faced with a new year, we are all presented with an opportunity to start afresh – to change for the better.  But when confronted with an entire 365 days to fill, and countless challenges that we might have to face on the way, it can be difficult to know exactly how to take control and make 2018 your best year yet.

Here are my three key pieces of advice to help you approach your goals this year!




1. Remember, Everyone is Different

Where do you begin when you want to make your plan for the New Year?

Do you scout the web, looking for the ideal article?  Or, do you ask friends and family for more personal advice?

Either way, it is always important to remember that no matter how qualified someone is, or how well someone might know you, you are an individual.

You have your own unique way of thinking about things, and your own unique way of achieving the goals you set out before you.  And so, when thinking about 2018, you must also create your own plan.

By all means, gain advice and ideas from others, but remember that problems and solutions are individual to each of us.  What works for a friend, a celebrity, or a partner, might not work for you – that’s just the way the cookie crumbles!



2. Don’t Forget the Journey

We all love the freedom that a New Year gives us.

Upon the sound of Big Ben’s twelfth bell we celebrate our rebirth, understanding that we have been presented with the opportunity to reinvent ourselves: “New Year, New You”.

And yet, despite the liberation, it is important that we don’t forget who we have been.  After all, life’s journey is not about reinventing ourselves at every available opportunity.  But instead, it is about learning from our mistakes and becoming a better person as a result of them.  Old habits should die hard.  But their repercussions should be remembered, and so too the lessons we learned from them.

So don’t start 2018 with the idea that you should be trying to forget past habits.  Instead, take control of your life by identifying previous mistakes and acknowledge how you overcame them and got to where you are today.  Take responsibility for who you are now, and how your actions came to determine your life.

  Do this and you’ll have taken the first steps to making 2018 a year in which you truly take control of who you are.  Believe me, it’s a lot more liberating than it sounds!



happy birthday... me

3. Find a purpose

Admittedly, this is a pretty broad piece of advice.

Not many of us know what we want to do with ourselves day-to-day, let alone in the grand scheme of things!  But taking the time to pinpoint something, anything – no matter how small it might seem – means that the rest of your year is left free for you to take action!

So, without further hesitation, spend some time today making a list of a few things you want to focus on this year, and start implementing them in your daily life!

*Remember to consider factors such as: how achievable your objective actually is, how you intend to achieve this goal, and how introducing this goal might impact your daily routine.*


So, take control of 2018 now and make the most of your year!

A x