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5 Must-Have Wedding Decor Trends For 2019

Do you think wedding decor is in need of an update? Read below ladies, 2019 is for you!

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BY A STOCKDALE | 12 JAN 2019 | 12:00PM

It’s 2019 ladies, & we’re here to help you style your wedding to perfection!

Which is why this week’s blog is all about wedding decor trends for 2019 – because we’re all about creating the perfect atmosphere for your big day.

Below we’ve picked out our 5 favourite decor trends for 2019 weddings, focussing on: fabrics, floral arrangements, and table settings.

Have a read ladies & find some truly beautiful inspiration for your wedding day!

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Velvet wedding table setting

1. Luxe Fabric

Gone are the days of whimsical fabrics flowing in the wind, 2019 welcomes luxurious, warm, earthy textures that add rich texture to wedding decor.

Velvet, linen, and corduroy (yes, corduroy!) feature heavily in 2019 decor trends. With many brides favouring the more unusual fabrics to give their wedding a relaxed & welcoming atmosphere.

Top Tip: This might sound a bit odd and completely apart from what you were imagining. But these fabrics look beautiful when incorporated in (e.g.) bouquet ties, or furniture place settings (see above).

wedding trend grazing table

2. Edible Displays

As more and more tradition gets ditched for modern weddings, more and more elements of the big day have become interactive.

Introducing the grazing table!

A visually mouth-watering way of presenting wholesome, delicious food. The grazing table/modern buffet style method of serving wedding day food allows your guests to feel truly relaxed (& have fun!) and gives them the freedom to pick & choose what they want to eat.

Some couples are going even further with this concept, making their evening snacks fully interactive with (e.g.) popcorn bars, or marshmallow toasting areas.

Top Tip: Why not have a think about how you can make your food more of an experience for your guests?

wedding top table flower display, flower hoop

3. Structured Florals

As couples move further away from traditional, well, anything! So too floral displays have been adapted to suit our modern taste.

Flowers might still be popular for chair backs, or as decorative features on the end of pews. But 2019 sees them used in entirely new ways to create beautiful visual displays!

A quick browse on Pinterest will show flowers hung lavishly from hoops, wooden beams, and wooden rods. Creating structured features that redefine the concept of ‘bringing the outdoors inside’.

Top Tip: Truly adopt the modern floral decor trend by using textured plants & flowers. Think pampas grass, or blackberry bouquets for a truly earthy feel.

draped green wedding centerpiece

4. Draped Greenery

In line with interactive grazing tables, 2019 wedding decor is all about bringing greenery down to your level.

Many couples are choosing to ditch tall vases & structured centrepieces and replace them with draped plants or wooden boxes overflowing with rich greenery to bring a truly natural feel to the table.

Top Tip: If you love this idea, think the British countryside fell onto your table; it’ll be green, lush, fresh!

table setting acrylic sign

5. Signage

Over the years, we’ve seen chalk boards, personalised neon signs, and wooden boards used for signage at weddings. But 2019 sees couples going back to basics for their signage displays!

Reintroducing (e.g.) letter boards to compliment their up-cycled, minimalist feel. Or using the ever-popular acrylic material to give a simplistic, modern vibe.

Top Tip: If you don’t like the idea of using acrylic for your signage then you could always maintain the ‘easy’, ‘natural’ vibe by writing on glass photo frames/glass frame inserts with glass pen!

2019 is all about making your wedding decor your own – even if that means overlooking tradition!

Hopefully our breakdown of the must-have 2019 decor trends has given you some inspiration for decorating your venue.

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