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Ankle Boots: Why Block Heels are Everything

Ankle boots are a wardrobe essential for this time of year – from parties and winter works dos, to day wear and shopping sprees – they carry us through just about any occasion. 

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velvet ankle boots



Ankle boots are absolutely everywhere right now.  Teamed with raw-hemmed jeans, baggy jumpers, and romantic shirts, they’ve become the go-to item of choice to accessorise any outfit.  And boy do they look good! 

But with so many styles flooding the market, it can be difficult to choose which to invest your money in – especially if a budget or practical element is involved.

Do you make the fashion conscious choice and choose the classy kitten heels, or do you opt for the heavy duty biker boot that will be sure to get you and your wardrobe through the next six months?

It can be a difficult decision.  Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t want to sacrifice a detail or design you love, for something you feel doesn’t suit your style.

But don’t despair – your options are far from limited!  Even though our favourite high street stores are currently chocka with delicate beaded and velvet designs, or styles such as the less than practical sock boot, all is not lost!

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Introducing… The block heel!

Luckily for us, so many of this year’s trending designs and styles have been incorporated with a beautifully chunky heel – and we’re praising the fashion gurus for it!

After all, not only does it mean that our feet are further away from the cold, slushy winter ground, it also ensures that any delicate fixtures or materials carefully crafted onto our shoes are less likely to be completely ruined.  In other words, fashion and practicality are existing in harmony this AW!

I for one am ecstatic.  Block heels have always been my go-to design for boots, and no matter the brand or price tag, they always look substantial, and can add a bit of grit to any outfit.

And with inspirational collections across the shops in our high street – from New Look’s simplistic everyday designs, to ‘& Other Stories‘ and their high quality finish – the possibilities are endless!


Shop below for our 10 favourite chunky ankle boots of AW17.

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mango glitter sock ankle boot


Glitter Sock Boot, £49.99, MANGO

Whilst glitter boots have exploded onto our high street, MANGO have incorporated this 90’s trend with a more sophisticated sock boot design.  (Perfect for adding that extra sparkle to your wardrobe!)


topshop metallic gold ankle boot



HUNT Banana Heel Boots, £79, Topshop

Apart from being a high street hit, Metallic boots are an absolute favourite of mine, and these bronze beauties are no exception – they’re simply gorgeous!




velvet ankle boot with glitter heel


Glitter Heel Velvet Ankle Boot, £69.99, MANGO

Glitter has been everywhere this year (literally, everywhere), so it’s fairly predictable that the trend would find its way into our shoe collection.  With a subtle glitter heel and maroon velvet exterior, these boots were made for AW17.


ravel velvet red ankel boots



‘Fenice’ Velvet Heeled Ankle Boot, £100, Christian Alexander

Inspired by V&A collections, these gorgeous velvet ankle boots are right on trend, and can be effortlessly paired with a pair of ripped jeans or a party dress.



sequin ankle boots


Sequin Velvet Boots, £110, & Other Stories

It’s Christmas – and it’s 2017 – so sequined shoes were bound to make an appearance!  With many poor attempts at this style making an appearance in big brand shops, I couldn’t help but applaud ‘& Other Stories’ for their effort in making these boots look elegant.

(It’d be rude not to include them!)


leather ankle boots with faux pearls


Leather Ankle Boots with Faux Pearls, £95.99, Zara

Whilst Doc Martens and Biker boots have made headlines this year – with Gigi Hadid being reportedly inseparable from her own collection.  Zara have been busy creating their own version of the style, with added pearl detailing for that delicate, feminine touch.


black ankle boots


Suede Sock Boots, £155, & Other Stories

The boot of 2017, the sock boot is all over our high streets right now.  But for those of us who aren’t brave enough to go all the way with this style, ‘& Other Stories’ have released a more classical, structured design.  And they’re beautiful – thank you!



topshop red ankle boots


BROOKE Ankle Boots, £36, Topshop

Ticking that all-important ‘red’ box for AW17, these boots are ideal for the fashion-conscious – whilst also offering an all important explosion of colour to your winter wardrobe.  (And an absolute bargain too!)



ravel gold leaf ankle boot



‘Fenice’ Ankle Boot Black with Gold Print, £100, Christian Alexander

Inspired by V&A collections, these gorgeous boots are a wish-list must.  With added gold, floral detailing, they’re the perfect accessory for any winter outfit!



white leather ankle boots



Mischa Ankle Boots, £79, Topshop

White, Leather, Chunky – need I say more?




So, get shopping, and indulge in the gorgeous collection of boots making their way onto our high streets this AW17 – and remember, the chunkier, the better!

A x