diy christmas wreath

Five Hassle Free DIY Wreaths

OK, so our Christmas decorations might not be as impressive as those at the White House this year, but there’s still plenty of time to grab some baubles, toilet tubes, and glitter cans!

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BY A STOCKDALE | 28th November 2017 | 12.30PM

Forget the sweet sounds of Bublé, and the enticing smells of cinnamon and hot mulled-cider. For me, decorations (many, many decorations) are what make Christmas celebrations magical.  After all, who can say it’s truly Christmas until their local street is shrouded in gaudy lights and fantastic twinkling displays?!  (Even if some of these are *ahem* questionable to say the least!)  And where would Christmas be without the famous window displays that are showcased in our high streets; that have seen mechanical Paddington Bears, to jazzy Octopus-shaped disco balls, to the weird but wonderful 5,000 hand-painted brussel sprouts – as featured in London Selfridges window this year!

And yet, the crowning glory of all Christmas decorations will forever be the wreath.  The glorious symbol of celebration and eternal love and life, that welcomes you at your front door and beckons you inside to the prospect of a warm fire and a hot chocolate.  It is the Christmas decoration that sets the scene from the go, and ensures that your home is not only blessed for the holiday season, but also has the potential to make your front door the sexiest looking door in the street!

So, why not get a bit crafty this year and have a go at making your own unique Christmas wreath?!  You can even recycle old materials to make them with!

Below are my 5 favourite DIY Christmas wreaths of 2017 – enjoy lovelies!




diy cardboard christmas wreath

What you’ll need:
– Cardboard tubes: toilet rolls, wrapping paper tubes, kitchen roll tubes
– A craft knife/a pair of scissors
– A bowl (size of your choice)
– A hot glue gun
– Paint (any colour) is an optional extra if you want to paint your tubes at all
– Baubles, bells, pompoms, or anything else you want to decorate it with

– Cut each tube so that they’re two inches deep
– Arrange the tubes around the bowl
– Bit by bit glue them together and create the perfect circle!
– Once the glue is dry and your circle is ready, you can now paint and/or decorate to your hearts content

View the tutorial on ‘CountryLiving’



What you’ll need:

diy peg christmas wreath

– Wooden pegs
– Glue gun
– A wire frame (either one or two rung)
– Any decorative pieces you might want to add

(Spray or decorate your pegs prior to fixing them in place on the frame)
– Glue your pegs into place
– Add any further decoration onto the front of the design

View the design.




diy bauble christmas wreath

What you’ll need:
– Foam wreath
– Long hair pins- Different sized baubles (around three packs of each size you have)

– Starting at the bottom and working your way up the sides, hook hair pins through the hole at the top of the baubles and spike them into the foam wreath
– Continue to do this until your wreath is decorated as desired (note: it’s much easier to do when the wreath is vertical, not flat on the table!)
– Hang on a sturdy wreath hanger/using strong ribbon

View the tutorial on ‘The Striped House’



diy pompom christmas wreath

What you’ll need:
– A large and a small pompom maker (can be homemade cardboard versions)
– LOTS of yarn (preferably different colours)- 30cm metal ring- Scissors

– Make many, many pompoms (be sure to keep some length in the left-over strands)
– When you’re ready, double knot the pompoms – strand side up – onto the metal ring
– Keep working, attaching your pompoms until… YAY, it’s complete!

A fab tutorial for this wreath can be found HERE




diy christmas cork wreath

What you’ll need:
– Lots (and lots) or corks- Sewing pins
– 18-inch or 12-inch straw/styrofoam wreath
– Craft glue
– Thimble (recommended!)
– Red wire to hold up the wreath
– Ribbon and/or berries for decoration

– Lay newspaper on a table
– Insert pins half way into as many corks as possible
– Squirt some glue onto the exposed part of the pin and insert into the wreath – even though it gets quite tightly packed don’t worry, it’ll all work out in the end!
– Continue to do this until the wreath in covered
– If you choose to decorate further, then weave the berries through the corks
– Wind the red wire around the top of the wreath in order to hang (hide the wire with a nice thick piece of ribbon!)

View the tutorial HERE

Now it’s your turn! So go ahead, mull some wine, throw on some cheesy Christmas classics, and get crafty!

A x