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BY A STOCKDALE | 13 JANUARY 2018 | 13:00PM


Move aside ‘glamping‘ and ‘staycations‘ – new travel trends are on the horizon!  Whether it be food inspired travel, eco-friendly cruises, or cross-generational holidays, 2018 is set to see some eye-opening and spectacular new travel trends to make even the most money-conscience tempted to get stuck in!  So get reading, and make today the day you decide where and what you’ll be doing with your days away from work this year.

Scroll down for the 5 travel trends we know you’ll want to consider in 2018:



As we become more aware of environmental issues and the importance of human rights and working conditions, it seems that tourists are increasingly opting for ‘responsible travel’ choices.  Evident as many adopt the ‘staycation’ trend in an effort to minimise their carbon footprint, whilst other travel further afield in order to volunteer in environmental groups and animal rights movements.

Many of us have also come to recognise the value of giving back to local communities when we travel abroad.  “2017 saw a tipping point in the importance of responsible tourism“, commented ABTA, a leading UK travel trade association.  “[Our] research shows that travel companies should ensure their holidays help the local people and economy”.

Thankfully, it would seem that tour operators have responded accordingly.  With many now providing activities such as environmentally friendly forest walks, or luxury spa experiences based on the use of organic, local ingredients.  Meaning that the opportunity, for those of us who would rather opt for a more ethically responsible getaway, is increasing day by day!



Nestled in the mountainous region of Snowdonia, Wales, the ‘Eco Guest House’ (Bryn Elltyd) is ideal for those of us looking for an environmentally friendly staycation.  Not only does the guest house reportedly run entirely off of renewable energy, but it is also easily accessible – for many of us – via car.  Avoiding further pollution caused through air travel.

And for those of us wanting to get active and really connect with nature, there are limitless opportunities to get involved in activities such as walking, climbing, and mountain biking.




Situated on a private, national reserve in Tambopata, Peru.  This 32 bed jungle lodge is the ultimate family-friendly getaway for the environmentally conscious!  With an opportunity to work alongside researchers in the rainforest, or join in with the kid’s rainforest nature trail, the site offers countless opportunities to connect with local wildlife and the surrounding landscape.


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As cheap holiday packages and budget airlines come to define how we shop for our annual holiday, many people have come to see travel as an over-crowded and noisy experience.  Not only this, but many local residents of popular holiday destinations have openly expressed their concerns about these over-populated areas.  As it is often the case that safety and privacy are overlooked for those who live there.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that many of us are now “looking to less traveled destinations in the continent” for our yearly trip abroad.  And with beautiful cities and areas such as Belarus, Moldova, and Poland tipped to be 2018’s ‘alternative’ travel destinations, it’s about time we all started planning our visit while they’re still relatively quiet!


shetland islands

Nestled on the edge of the UK border, the Shetland Islands sit north of Scotland (in line with Bergen, Norway).  Isolated and rugged, the untouched landscape is a haven for those of us wanting to have our own ‘Poldark’ moment in the moorland heather.  And, fortunately, the beauty of the scenery and wildlife runs throughout the islands, meaning that no matter where you choose to visit, the chances of capturing an epic landscape picture to remember is endless.





With white sandy beaches, waterfalls, and a rainforest backdrop, Sumba Island is quite literally a picture-perfect paradise.  And, with the island void of built-up areas – as mainstream tourism hasn’t quite made its way to Sumba’s tropical shores – the small communities littering the landscape have remained traditional, and offer a rare cultural experience for all who visit.

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What comes to mind when you think of a typical adventure holiday?  For me, it’s the image of an adrenaline-filled experience involving activities such as bungee jumping, or white water rafting.  Activities that are, it must be said, high risk and off-putting for many.

Fortunately, nowadays the adventure holiday is being re-defined as more of an anthropological exploit.  And now involves exploring new cultures and discovering new ways of life.  A shift that is of no shock when you consider that “[r]isky adrenaline activities are favoured 45% less than ‘experiencing a new culture'”.

So let’s get adventurous this year, and invest our holiday funds in a trip that will not only educate us, but also inspire us to venture further into the unknown.  It’s time to go make some memories!




Sri Lanka

An island located just south of India, this beautiful landscape is home to wild and varied scenery that is perfect for any adventurer.  From rainforests, to sandy beaches, to barren plains.  Going hand-in-hand with this spectacular landscape are countless activities for those visiting – safari tours, surfing, and hiking being the most popular along the years.  In addition to this, the island is proudly home to a spectacular ancient capital, that is boasted to be over an incredible 2,000 years old – Indiana Jones come at me!


St Lucia

Like other island destinations, St Lucia boasts a varied landscape that is perfect for those searching for a more adventurous holiday.  With mountains, volcanic beaches, and reef-littered shore lines defining the area.  Not only does this provide the opportunity for spectacular adventures, it also means there are fantastic activities on-hand too.  Whether it be natural mud baths, jungle zip-lines, or diving expeditions.  Get yourself booked in!

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Whilst escaping home in the cooler months of the year used to be all about getting anywhere warmer than where you were – literally, anywhere.  Winter holidays are increasingly revolving around visiting winter festivals and markets in destinations that are often cooler than our own!  “Winter festivals are becoming a major attraction around the world”, comments ELLE UK, “China’s Harbin Ice Festival … [brought] in over a million visitors last year”.

And with Christmas markets growing exponentially year on year, and becoming evermore popular for winter travellers, it would seem that you’re missing out on something spectacular if you don’t manage to book your place!



Boasting one of the top three Christmas Markets in Europe, and brimming with a historical fairy-tale style square, Vienna is a beautiful place to visit in the winter months.  With the added bonus of a low crime rate, this family friendly destination will give that added sparkle to your Christmas celebrations – even if your visit is only short!

(Vienna’s “Magic of Advent” Market runs from November 13 – December 23)



Nice France

Having been the recent winter holiday destination of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, Nice has rapidly become a highly popular winter retreat!  With its iconic Promenade des Anglais – stretching along the seafront for an incredible 5 miles – and the charming streets that criss-cross through the city, this enchanting destination is perfect for a Christmas trip away.  Alongside its beautiful glittering streets and Christmas Market, Nice also boasts a world-famous carnival parade that sees the streets filled with streamers, flowers, and confetti.  A colourful event not to be missed!

(Nice carnival runs from February 17 – March 3)


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As people become more conscious of their health and wellbeing, it’s no surprise that many have ditched the typical boozy week away, and are instead looking to continue their mindful lifestyle when travelling abroad.

Hence, the popularity of cycling holidays, walking holidays, and wellness centres has sky rocketed as holiday-makers look to “broaden their experiences without having to widen their waist belts”.


Merano Italy

The ideal location for those seeking a bit of tender love and care, ‘Villa Eden’ is a health resort situated within the breath-taking scenery of Merano, Italy.  And with Italy being listed as a go-to destination for 2018, there’s no better excuse to get yourself booked in!  Fortunately, the resort itself isn’t an isolated nirvana.  But instead is situated a short 20 minute walk from Merano itself.  A destination that boasts designer shops and traditional boutiques.  Take me there!




Croatia Plitvice National Park

Perfect for those looking to stay active whilst on holiday, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a stunning World Heritage Site in Croatia.  Providing activities such as white water rafting, long walks, and kayak river trips, it’s the ideal mix of nature’s calm and adrenaline pumping experiences!

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