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How To Guide: Throwing A Last-Minute Royal Wedding Viewing Party

Because even though we can’t all be invited, we all want to have a spiffing time!

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With the Royal Wedding only a matter of days from now, I can’t help but be a little excited (very very very excited in fact!).  And in true British style I intend on throwing my own spectacular Royal Wedding Viewing Party from home!

But, if you’re anything like me, then you might be a bit behind in your organising of the event (I haven’t done anything yet!).  Which is why I’m here to present you my ‘How To’ guide when it comes to throwing a last-minute Royal Wedding Viewing Party.

Take a read of my top tips and ideas for family and friends below, and find fab entertainment ideas, recipes and tips on how to dress your home for the occasion.

If you’re not throwing your own Royal Wedding Viewing Party, you could always take these tips and ideas to your friends and family and help them organise their own!  Good luck! 

 1. Style Your Home

Even though we’ve not all been invited to Windsor Castle (I’m not bitter … I swear *sob*), we can still make our homes feel regal and bring a bit of London to us!  So get in the spirit and decorate your social spaces and gardens with Royal couple themed bunting, cardboard cut-outs and confetti!


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2. Set A Dress Code

Just because we’re not going to be at the wedding itself doesn’t mean that we can’t put in a bit of effort when it comes to looking the part – it’s what Meghan & Harry would want!  So grab your fascinators or your corgi-themed accessories and get in the mood!

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3. Throw a British Tea Party!

Because nothing quite says Royal Celebration without cake, sandwiches and tea!  Nibbles like these take next to no time to rustle up, and I’m sure friends and family will be more than happy to pitch in and bring some edible creations along!  Take a look below for recipe inspiration and decorating ideas.

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4. Get Entertaining

No matter how epic our Royal Wedding Viewing Party is going to be, it can be made even better with some classic games and entertainment!  Take a look below at some Royal-themed games and activities and get in the mood!

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5. Turn On The Telly!

Last but not least, don’t forget to set your TV away so you can all gather around and watch the proceedings and the ceremony!

The ceremony will be broadcast at 12:00pm sharp (in the UK) from the BBC, Sky News & ITV.

Continue your royal celebrations after the hour long proceedings with Royal-inspired films such as ‘The Princess Diaries’ or ‘The Queen’, or stick on ‘Suits’ or ‘The Crown’ for some binge-watching magic!



Have a fantastic weekend and good luck with your Royal Wedding Viewing Party!  Congratulations Harry & Meghan!

A x