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How To: Our Complete Guide On True Bride

Everything you need to know about the company, getting in your samples, & ordering those all important dresses!

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Here at Christian Alexander, we know exactly how much you all love True Bride dresses!

Whether it’s that all important bridal gown design, the dresses you want for your beautiful bridesmaids, or simply an elegant occasion dress. True Bride has captured your hearts & imaginations when it comes to finding those special dresses for your once in a lifetime events.

But when it comes to understanding the logistics behind ordering your dress (or, dresses) sometimes there’s just too much information to remember!

Which is why we’ve decided to put together our own guide to viewing, sampling, & ordering True Bride dresses.

This guide is intended to help you all understand the brand a bit better, as well as allowing you to get to grips with the ordering process & the details of their made-to-measure products.

We hope this helps!

Read more about True Bride below

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Founded by Nicki Flynn in 2005, True Bride is blessed with an owner who has over 20 years experience in the bridal industry.

Originally involved in fashion, Nicki was able to bring her extensive knowledge of style, quality, and, most importantly, the realities of body shape to her brand.

Ensuring that her products are not only made from beautiful, high quality fabric. Including soft chiffon, and delicate french crepe.

But that they’re also designed with real women in mind; each dress being individually tailored/made-to-measure & internally structured to allow for the best fit possible.

Read more about True Bride

True Bride Collections


True Bride – True Curves – True by Nicki Flynn – Brighton Belle – True Bridesmaids – True Match – Luna Essentials – Junior Styles

With 9 extensive collections to choose from, True Bride is a uniquely versatile brand.

Offering their customers different styles & body shape options, as well as providing their audience with individual collections that are based on budget.

Each collection True Bride offers has over 20 designs to choose from. With bridal dresses available in at least 2 colours, & bridesmaid/occasion dresses available in 50+ chiffon and 10+ crepe colour options.

See True Bride’s ‘Colour Charts’

Something to consider: It’s important to bear in mind that not all products will be available to see at your local True Bride stockist. So be sure to get in touch with them in advance to ask about what dress/dresses you’re interested in viewing.

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Viewing & Sampling

When it comes to viewing the dress styles that you really want to see, it can often be difficult to find a local stockist that has the numerous designs that you’ve fallen in love with.

Because of this, True Bride have come up with a fantastic option of renting sample dresses.

This service is simply genius; as it allows brides & their maids to see numerous designs in the flesh. Giving a truly accurate example of what the finished product would look like.

Something to consider: Stockists are only able to provide sample dresses from collections they currently stock, so it’s important to ask which collections they have already invested in before spending time researching for products that they can’t get in!


Sample Costs

When ordering your sample dresses, it’s important to remember that you will be asked to pay for the privilege of having the dresses posted out to your True Bride stockist. With this in mind, here are the prices given by True Bride depending on how many styles you’d prefer them to send out:

1 dress = £35

4 dresses = £40

5 dresses = £45

Something to consider: Always ask your stockist if they have any of the styles available in-store first. You don’t want to be paying out for a dress that’s already a part of your stockist’s bridesmaid collection!


Sample Dresses (Extra)

1. Any sample dresses you request to your local stockist will only be sent in a UK10.

This is because True Bride produce made-to-measure dresses of incredibly high quality. Their selection of sample dresses have therefore been restricted to the single size (UK10) for the sake of consistency & costing. This is something that stockists cannot dispute when requesting sample dresses.

Nonetheless, many stockists will have True Bride dresses in their own collection that are a variety of sizes. Because of this, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience an appointment where you won’t be able to try on at least one True Bride gown!

2. Sample dresses that you ask for cannot be requested in a specific colour.

For the same reasons as mentioned above, True Bride’s dresses are handmade items & are therefore only available in the sample colour originally decided upon by the company.

Despite this, your stockist might already have a dress in their collection in the colour you’re looking for. Meaning that you’ll still be able to see a full skirt in the shade you’re considering for your own dress/dresses.

Alternatively, each stockist will have fabric swatches for you to browse through in order to find your desired colour.

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When it comes to ordering your True Bride dress/dresses the process is straightforward.

Your stockist will simply take your measurements, then you’ll pay at least 50% deposit towards the item, before waiting the 16 week production time until your dress/dresses are manufactured by True Bride!

It’s important to bear the production time in mind, as your event might be a lot closer than you think it is. And we certainly don’t want you to order a gown that will arrive after the fact!

Something to consider: When your stockist takes your measurements/the measurements of your bridesmaids, they’ll need to measure from the nape of the neck to the floor in order the gauge the required dress length.

Because of this, it’s often useful if you’re able to wear the shoes you’d be wearing on the day/evening of the event so that the length measurement is accurate.

Something to consider: True Bride do have ‘express’ production available. This option will only reduce the production time by a few weeks – however this might be exactly the amount of time you need!

We would need to contact True Bride before confirming the availability for ‘express’ production; if the company has a surplus of orders then it might not be feasible to produce your dress in the desired time-frame. 

The cost for ‘express’ production is as follows: Bridal £35/Bridesmaid £15


We hope this guide helps you when it comes to understanding True Bride, their products, & their ordering process!

If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to comment below or get in touch!

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