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Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

Our top tips on how to avoid sore skin, and achieve that elusive winter glow!

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BY A STOCKDALE | 16 DECEMBER 2017 | 14:00 PM


Everything about winter is beautiful – the lights, the clothes, the decorations!  But what’s not so pretty is how the drastic change in temperature attacks my skin!  The mixture of cold weather, harsh wind, and dry indoor air – as everyone cranks their central heating to its max – leaves even the best of us with a dehydrated, aggravated, or dry complexion.

But there are actions we can take to avoid this dilemma!  So whether it’s keeping an eye on your diet, or investing in a super-duper serum, we can all achieve that healthy glow this winter.


Scroll down to see our top tips on keeping your skin hydrated in the cold weather.


eat healthy!

shea butter = healthy skin

healthy food = healthy skin






Like many things, healthy skin doesn’t just happen – it takes different factors to influence that flawless, dewy glow in the cooler winter months.  Read below for a few of my favourite tips on maintaining a healthy(ish!) diet during the Christmas season.



herbal tea

Our bodies are made up of 64% water, so it’s generally important that we maintain a healthy intake of proper fluids in order that we can function properly.  If we don’t consume enough drinking water, then it’s likely that our skin will become dry, tight and flaky.  This doesn’t just look and feel unattractive, it can also be a key factor in contributing to wrinkles later on in life.

So get drinking!




OK, so this advice sucks.  But unfortunately, eating too much of the foods that we love not only leads to weight gain, but it also contributes to a damaged immune system – meaning terrible skin!

This doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves through the winter months.  It just means trying to make more conscious decisions before we pile our plate with more creamy mash or tasty stuffing!





Known as ‘the sunshine vitamin‘, Vitamin D is vital in supporting your immune system during those dark winter months – a necessity if you’re looking to maintain a healthy complexion throughout Christmas!

The best part about this tip is that it’s completely effortless.  Vitamin D supplements can easily be found in large supermarkets or high street stores, and the vitamin is also rife in oily fish – such as salmon.




During the cooler months of the year, it’s inevitable that we’ll have to reconsider our skincare routine – no matter what type of skin we have!  Here are my 5 favourite hacks to achieving flawless skin during the cold weather.     


[1] REMOVE ALL MAKE-UPmakeup cleanser

We’ve all been there – it’s late, and you’re exhausted from dancing all night.  The only thing on your mind is bed and sleep.  But sleeping in your make-up – no matter your how old you are – is detrimental to your skin.  Not only does it have the potential to lead to clogged pores, but it can also age your skin drastically!

So, no matter how tired you are this Christmas, be sure to wipe off your make-up before you go to bed.  And – if you’re not too tipsy – be sure to replenish your skin with serums and creams before dozing off on your silk pillows!


[2] EXFOLIATEexfoliate

Getting rid of dead skin is important during the cooler months in order for new, healthier skin cells to come through without obstruction.  Exfoliating is a brilliant way of speeding up this process, and ensures that you remove oil, dirt, and debris from your skin’s surface in the process.

However, in order to avoid destroying your skin’s natural barriers and prevent broken facial veins, only exfoliate 2-3 times a week using a product with soft beads.  (The more natural the product the better!)



[3] AVOID HOT WATER bathroom

During colder months, the thought of a long hot bath can be just about the only thing getting us through the day – but it’s this exact guilty pleasure that is robbing us of the necessary moisture in our skin!

Instead, try and use water that is of a moderate temperature for shorter periods of time.

Alternatively, for those of us who can’t envisage a winter void of long baths, add essential oils to your bath water.  (Rosehip essential oil is perfect for this time of year, as it allows dry skin to shed and encourages the regeneration of new skin cells.)



face theory serum[4] INVEST IN SERUMS

Face creams are ideal for the warmer months, but during the dry, cold air of the winter season, it’s necessary to invest in products that are able to hydrate your skin as quickly as possible – and continue protecting that hydration throughout the day!

In order to combat this, a perfect addition to your skincare regime is to incorporate a serum or essential oil.  This can be applied prior to your face cream, and is ideal for a boost of much needed hydration as it is absorbed by the skin much faster than moisturizers.

(Note: You can apply numerous serums should you want one for combating lines, and another as a moisturizing serum.)




Does the cold weather dry out your lips?  Then you’ll love this hack!

Simply brush your lips weekly with a dry toothbrush to remove the dead skin, rinse, and apply a generous coating of lip balm.

Voila! A gorgeous, healthy, pain-free smile!



Here’s to you and your skin this winter!