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Leafology: The Future of Natural Skincare.

Today we teamed up with Oxfordshire-based brand Leafology to introduce you to the future of natural, organic skincare.

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BY A STOCKDALE | 23 JANUARY 2018 | 16:00PM

Plastic is a hot-topic this year.  Following the ban on micro-beads, the government has made it clear that reducing plastic pollution in our oceans is at the forefront of their agenda when it comes to environmental policy.  It comes as no surprise, therefore, that beauty brands have adapted accordingly.  With many now introducing organic, plant-based, ethically-sourced products to their skincare range and make-up lines.

  But with many ingredients in these supposedly ‘natural’ products seemingly foreign or overly-scientific for the average customer, can we really trust that they’ll nurture our skin as promised?  Maybe it’s time we incorporated some plant-based goodness into our skincare routine – with ingredients that we know will feed our skin and make it look flawless!







Leading the way in organic plant-based cosmetics, Leafology is an inspirational one-woman company based in Oxford-shire.  Inspired by an interest in natural, pure beauty, Ella, the company’s founder, incorporates her knowledge of the health-promoting properties of herbs and plants, and uses them to produce handmade cosmetic products that soothe and nurture skin and hair.


And with a list of ingredients that you can understand and recognise (everything Ella uses in her products is plant-based), you feel in safe hands when it comes to caring for your body with Leafology’s organic products.

A kind of transparency I think many of us can agree is a rare experience when it comes to skincare.  I for one have no idea about half of the ‘stuff’ put into most of my creams and serums!  Nonetheless, it is a transparency that we all deserve, and Leafology, I am thankful to say, is here to provide it.

And if you haven’t fallen in love with the idea of Ella’s products just yet, then you’re bound to love the idea of her ‘Not-So-Secret-Oh-So-British’ secret ingredient; tea.  Ella has quite an obsession with the stuff – as do we all!  But for good reason.  “Tea is a nutritional powerhouse”, she comments, “packed full of vitamins, fatty acids, omega oils, and nourishing micro-nutrients”.  Meaning that the ‘Camellia Seed Oil’ incorporated in each of her creams, serums, oils and exfoliators will not only hydrate, but nourish and heal the skin too.  An added bonus for those of us who are prone to blemishes, or who have existing facial scars (so, basically everyone!).

So, what are you waiting for?  Start shopping Leafology’s products today and take control of your skincare!


(Leafology is 100% Vegan friendly and against Animal Testing)




Facial clay mask2-in-1 Face Buff & Clay Mask

This product is absolutely gorgeous, and will genuinely make your skin feel like velvet!  Easily used as either an exfoliating scrub or a face mask, the organic ingredients used are designed to calm, soothe, and moisturise the skin.

Like many natural products, this one comes as a loose powder.  To feel the benefits, simply tap a small amount into your palm and add roughly the same amount of water – enjoy!

Shop online – £12.50


Lip scrub
Cacao & Cardamom Softening Lip Scrub

OK, you got me.  Admittedly, this one isn’t for your face – but it works miracles for those dry, chapped lips that most of us simply put up with during the cold winter months.  And, what’s better, because this product is made of entirely natural ingredients (including cacao!), it’s technically edible!

To use, simply rub over your lips and wash off any residue!

Shop online – £10.95


Face serumGood Face Day Serum with Green Tea, Raspberry Seed & Juniper

Did you know that you shouldn’t exfoliate your face more than three times a week, and that a good pore-cleaning serum will be just as effective as any other facial cleanser?!  (Everyday’s a school day!)

Containing oils like Hazelnut and Grapeseed, this magical serum will hydrate and balance the sebum (oil) levels in your pores.  Leaving you with a hydrated, but not greasy, experience.  Perfect for those of us looking for light coverage!

Shop online – £12.65 – £39.00


Face creamOvernight Face Food with Mandarin, Carrot Seed & Neroli

Another fantastic serum in the Leafology range, ‘Overnight Face Food’ is ideal for those of us who wake up to find our skin sore and dry.

Again, the oil itself is lightweight and sourced from entirely natural ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil, designed to soothe and balance your skin so that you wake up feeling like a goddess.

Shop online – £12.65 – £39.00



eye oilFrankincense & Tea Seed Magic Eye Night Serum

Now to treat that one portion of our face that we can’t exfoliate – our under-eye skin!  Containing oils such as Frankincense Essential Oil and Camellia (Tea) Seed Oil, this natural blend combines to produce a product that can both tighten and rejuvenate tired skin cells under and around the eye.

So, for those of you looking to ward off dark circles, lines, or dull-looking under-eye skin, this is the perfect healing product for you.

Shop online – £17.95



Swirly vortex! ProductsDreamy picture of Ella, Leafology's founder


All of these products – and many more! – can be found on the Leafology website (see below).  Other collections available online include: Mother and Baby, Hair Stories, Remedy, and Beard & Fuzz.






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