Introducing: ‘The Flower Wall Boutique’

We’re getting our very own flower wall! And it’s going to be totally Insta-worthy!

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BY A STOCKDALE | 24 OCTOBER 2018 | 15:40PM

Hello ladies! We’ve had a very busy month organising bridal appointments & telling you all about the latest collections to grace our beautiful boutique.

Today, we’re excited to bring you the exciting news that we’ll be hosting a flower wall week courtesy of the talented ‘Flower Wall Boutique’.

For one week only, we’ll be having our very own flower wall in-store where you and your gorgeous maids can come and snap beautiful pictures of you shopping or at your bridal appointment!

The wall will only be trialled in-store November 9th – 16th so be sure to come in and shop with your favourite girl friends so that you can get those all important Insta-worthy pics with this beautiful backdrop!


The Flower Wall Boutique

A recent addition to the area, ‘The Flower Wall Boutique’ offers luxury flower walls to hire in Teeside, North Yorkshire, & the surrounding areas.

Pricing is not set and can be dependant on locationduration of hire, and size/design of flower wall.

If you’re interested in hiring from ‘The Flower Wall Boutique’ then be sure to contact them via their social media channels or through their website.

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Flower Walls – The Rising Trend

Ever since Harry & Meghan revealed their luxurious archway of flowers in the summer, we’ve all been obsessed with everything to do with flower walls!

And it’s no wonder why when you see the sheer size and beauty of the some of the eye-catching floral displays splashed across Pinterest.

Gracing everything from the entrance to a chapel, to bannisters and stairways, to the backdrops where couple’s choose to take their vows. It seems that the capacity for flower walls to accessorise an event or wedding space is limitless!

But why would anyone opt for a flower wall?

Apart from being a stunning feature, flower walls can be fantastic ways for couples who love the outdoors and nature to bring a bit of their passion for all things outdoors inside.

Even if the flower wall itself is artificial, the wall length display can often be a nicer vision than a plain wall or more traditional wall hangings.

Another reason why people might choose to include a flower wall is to break up their event space.

With many occasions and weddings taking place in larger, open spaces nowadays, the inclusion of a flower wall not only offers a focal point. But it also acts as a break in the room, preventing the space from feeling too large and uninviting for guests.

A flower wall can also be doubled up if the wedding is taking place in a single space.

Acting as both a background for vows as well as a focal point where the top table can later be placed with the bride, groom, and other family members seated respectively.

Take a look at some of our favourite flower decorations below for your own inspiration!

Flower Hoops

A beautiful and inexpensive way to add some colour and natural vibes to your wedding surroundings/decor. There are plenty of DIY hacks on Pinterest for these gorgeous decorations.

Flowers On Trellis

A great way of including those all important floral features without overwhelming the space. Trellises are also inexpensive to buy and still allow light to filter in to the room, keeping it feeling nice and spacious!

Flower Frames

A beautiful way of decorating a wall in any setting, floral frames are easily DIY-able and can be made inexpensively for any occasion. How gorgeous would an entire wall of these look?!


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