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Our Top 10 Wedding Invitation Templates For 2018 (and beyond)

Our guide to 2018’s best wedding invitation designs and where you can get your hands on them.

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Despite the fact that countless couples-to-be are now waving the flag of ‘environmentally conscious’ by creating gorgeous websites for their special day.  Containing all of the information for the wedding and including things like menu options and gift lists.  The tradition of sending out those all important ‘save the date’ cards is still going strong.

Wahoo I say!  I absolutely love receiving a beautiful wedding invitation through the post.  Who doesn’t?  With their intricate details and generally beautiful designs, most of mine end up featuring on my fridge for long after the wedding has taken place!

But I can’t imagine being the one who has to design and create these miniature masterpieces.

These days there are so many styles, materials and added extras that you can source to embellish your invitations and make them genuinely breathtaking that I imagine the whole process is nothing short of exhausting!

Which is precisely why we’ve come together to find our top 10 favourite wedding invitation templates at various budgets – each entirely unique from the next.  Read about the design and find out where you can sign up and buy buy buy!


Wedding Invitation Templates

1. Spring Florals

Daffodil wedding invitation

Just about as beautiful as they sound, classic Spring floral designs have recently been updated and the outcome is pure elegance.

Perfect for any couples who have a love of nature or who want a template that sings of Springtime, designs like these make for a beautiful save the date option.

(Especially when you consider that these beautiful designs can be made for £1.70 per invitation!)


spring flowers wedding invitationWhere can I buy these? 

If you’re interested in a Spring floral template for your wedding invitations, websites like ‘Not On The High Street’ are fantastic.

Offering original designs from independent artists and graphic designers, sites such as ‘Not On The High Street’ can produce products that are of a much higher quality than, say, Vista Print.

The designs to the right are by a company called ‘Skinny Malink’ and are simply stunning.  Browse their range.


2. Laser Cut Cards

Laser cut white paper wedding invitation.

Laser cut technology has come a long way and independent makers are now producing gifts like these gorgeous save the date cards that are worthy of framing!

Perfect for couples who are looking for something simple and elegant (and who have a reasonable budget set aside for their wedding invitations), laser cut templates can be a fantastic gift-type invitation and often come in either card or wood options.

Laser cut wedding invitation.

Where can I buy these?

If you’re interested in laser cut wedding invitation templates, ‘Etsy’ and ‘Not On The High Street’ are (again) fantastic places to look!

The designs to the right are produced by a company called ‘Salts Cards’ and are shown in both black and white card.  Their other collections feature wooden laser cut keepsakes and place names for wedding tables.  Browse their range.


3. Edible Save The Date Stamp

save the date edible stamp cookie

Because who doesn’t want an Instagram-worthy wedding invitation that is also edible?!

In case you were unsure of how these fun invitations work.  You simply go online and find a company that sells stamp printing sets and hey presto! you’re half way to completing your invitations.  Once arrived, simply bake cookies, cover in homemade or shop-bought icing and stamp in your message!

Some companies (such as the one mentioned below) also sell additional cookie cutters with their stamp printing set so that you don’t have to shop around even more to find that perfect cookie shape!

save the date edible stamp

Where can I buy these? 

To buy edible save the date stamping sets, visit crafty/niche sites such as ‘Not On The High Street’.

The set used in the images to the right are by ‘Stomp Stamps’ (who also sell personalised truffle kits!).  Browse their collection.


4. Save The Date Beer Mat

london landmarks beer mat save the date invitation.

Perfect for anyone who has an affinity for coasters or who simply has fond memories of sitting in pubs drinking with friends late into the afternoon, the beer mat wedding invitation template is both fun and practical!

Depending on the company, you can opt for colourful invitations and even intricate designs.  Or, as with the styles on the right, you can choose more minimalist options.

two birds beer mat save the date invitation.Where can I buy these?

As with many personalised wedding invitations, sites like ‘Etsy’ are perfect for purchasing these products.

The beer mat invitations on the right cost £3 each, and are made by ‘Emma Lee Cheng’.  Browse their range.


5.Pencil Us In

pencil us in save the date card

A fab added extra for anyone who has a decent budget set aside for their wedding invitations.  The ‘Pencil Us In’ save the date template is so much fun – and really cute!

And with many companies offering features that allow you to personalise these wee trinkets – such as different fonts or different backgrounds for the card – you can really make these added extras work with your existing wedding theme/colour scheme.

Where can I buy these?

pencil us in save the date card

Companies for products such as these are, more often than not, found at ‘Not On The High Street’ & ‘Etsy’.

The ‘Pencil Us In’ templates in the images are priced at £0.99 each for the pencils only.  There is an extra charge for the additional card.

They are produced by a company called ‘Secret Creation’.  Browse their collection.



6. Train Ticket Save The Date

train ticket style save the date

Despite being a fairly pricey option, these train ticket save the date templates are genius!

Just take a look at the detail on the cards: ‘ONE WAY’, ‘Adult: TWO’, ‘Class 1ST’.  (If you’re one for noticing the little things then these invitations will be just as satisfying for you as they are for me!)

They’re really original in design and can be entirely personalised for your invitations.

Where can I buy these? 

train ticket style save the date

This particular design is difficult to find on the market (presumably due to licensing the National Rail Logo and because the material can be expensive).

The invitations to the right were produced by a company called ‘Of Life And Lemons’ and come to you at £4 per ‘ticket’.

Browse their product.



7. Illustrated Invitations

Illustrated wedding invitation

For those of us who appreciate cutesy crafty type products, then these hand-illustrated wedding invitations will have you squirming!  (They’re simply perfection.)

With gorgeous details available throughout, and with calligraphy lettering covering your invitation, you genuinely might not want to send these off!

Understandably, because products such as these can take a considerable amount of time to create, they do tend to be a wee bit more expensive than other options.  However, for those of you looking for something a bit different, I think we all agree it’s well worth it!

Illustrated wedding invitationWhere can I buy these?

The collection in the images is made by a company on ‘Etsy’ called ‘WildFlowerIlloCo’ and come to you at £2.60 each (if you buy 30 products).
There are slight discounts depending on the number of invitations you require.  I would also recommend asking for a sample product to be sent through before you go ahead with your purchase!

Browse their invitations.


8. Save The Date Stamps

Save the date stamp set

For anyone who likes that rustic or custom made look, save the date stamps are brilliant!

They’re also a great way of being able to personalise your wedding invitations even more as they give you the freedom to use any kind of paper/card/backing.

Depending on the company providing the product, personalised stamps are available as either individual stamps or as a set.  (If you’re looking for a full effect – as seen on the right – you’ll probably want to go for the set!)

Save the date stamp set

Where can I buy these?

As with the rest of the personalised wedding invitation templates/designs, these can be found on sites like ‘Etsy’.

The products on the right are by a company called ‘The Stamp Press’ and come as individual stamps or sets.

Browse their collection.



9. Save The Date Fridge Magnets

Wooden save the date fridge magnet

Although this save the date template/design is quite expensive, they give your guests no reason to forget your wedding date!  (You also don’t necessarily have to follow them up with a formal invitation.)

Depending on the company, the card behind the magnet is an interchangeable option and some even have elegant floral designs.

As with the company on the right, some manufacturers will also provide two or more options regarding style.

wooden save the date fridge magnet

Where can I buy these?

The magnets displayed in the images to the right are made by a company called ‘Rowan and Fox’ on ‘Etsy’ and their magnets are priced at £5 each.

They also produce gorgeous acrylic wedding favours/save the date discs so be sure to take a look at their other products!

Browse their magnets.


10. Air Mail Save The Date Template

Save the date air mail design

Ideal for any couples looking to elope abroad with (or without) family and friends, these charming save the date templates are completely original and cement your wedding theme perfectly!

Folded into cute paper aeroplanes and styled with iconic vintage European travel stamps and stickers, these invites are ideal for most budgets and will really set the mood for your wedding day/party!

Where can I buy these? 

Save the date air mail design

Produced by a gorgeous independent shop called ‘HipHip Hooray Studio’ on ‘Etsy’, these invitations are priced at £1.50 each and come with 18 envelope colour options.

In addition to this design, ‘HipHip Hooray Studio’ also produce countless other beautiful wedding invitation templates for you to choose from.

Browse their collection.




I hope that our template suggestions have given you some inspiration for your wedding invitations!  Good luck with your designs and don’t forget those all important details when you’re fussing over the look!

A x