Get to know the Christian Alexander team!



Brides describe coming into Christian Alexander Bridal as stepping into Charlotte’s world. Her sincere and calming tone, mixed with the boutiques cosmopolitan styled décor, creates a perfect mix of luxury and warmth. Making brides feel utterly spoiled in every way. 

What she loved about planning her own wedding;

I felt like it brought the entire family closer together. I will be eternally grateful to my mum who spent hours’ hand-making my veil and flower displays, including an artificial bouquet which reminds me of my wedding every day. I will be forever thankful to my friends who became sisters and made every second of my wedding planning the most wonderful adventure! 

What she disliked most;

Having to make tough decisions about who to invite and seating plans! My advice, in years to come when you’re looking back at your wedding photos, who would you want smiling back at you? 

What does she value most;

Time. It is THE most precious commodity this world has to offer, yet, we often wish it away. Time, for ourselves and others is the greatest gift we can give. 

What are her favourite things to do?

Total cliché, but holidays and time with my family! Just thinking about it gives me little excited butterflies! 

What she would avoid at all costs;

Turkish Delight. It is poison in disguise!


Bridal Consultant

Leanne is full of life, energy and enthusiasm for everything bridal! Not only is she an experienced wedding coordinator, she is currently planning her very own special day, so there isn’t much she doesn’t know about the bridal journey.

Leanne works evenings and weekends here at Christian Alexander Bridal, so be sure to get booked in and don’t be afraid to email her if you have any questions, she’d love to hear from you!

What is she loving about planning her own wedding?

My big day is April 2020 so I can completely relate to all of our brides to be. One of the things I’ve loved so far is being able to showcase mine and Joel’s personalities (aka me taking over and choosing lots of pretty things!) Spreadsheets have taken over my life! I’ve found them so useful when managing every little detail and our budget. Ask me this again next year and I’m sure my view will have changed.

What is she disliking most?

Wedding politics! It’s said that we ‘have to’ invite auntie Edna who we haven’t seen for 10 years, yet the friend I met at work 5 years ago and knows more about me than most, doesn’t make the final cut?! What I’m coming to terms with is you can’t please everyone and ultimately the day is about the two of you, everything else will fall into place.

What does she value most?

The people that mean most to us. We are only here once, so we may as well spend it with those that surround us with happiness. Family and friends (with a Prosecco or two) make the world go round.

What are her favourite things to do?

I LOVE nights in with my other half, no makeup on, pizza on order and copious amounts of wine!

What she would avoid at all costs;

Mean people, no one needs that kind of negativity in their life.