BY A STIFF | 1 MARCH 2019 | 14:00PM

Online shopping has increased so drastically over the past few years with the rise of technology, which has had a considerable impact on retailers. Although online shopping is convenient in many aspects, can it really offer the same level of experience that a physical store can?

1. Time

It’s unquestionable that shopping online does save you a lot of time browsing through stacks of clothes, which can take up a good portion of your day, especially if you are visiting more than one store. Whereas websites offer a clear and concise navigation of product availability and their selection of colour options and sizes. It is definitely a more manageable option and also makes it easier to compare different items.

2. Try Before You Buy

Although some online retailers offer return policies, physical stores allow customers to try before they buy. Therefore limiting the waiting time for your items to get delivered and avoiding return policies. Handling the clothes yourself also allows you to get a feel of the weight, fabric and styling, which can be a risk that people take when shopping online as images can often be misleading.

3. Packaging Costs

Ah packaging costs! The bane of every online shoppers life. Delivery charges can definitely make the overall cost of your order a lot more than you expected, especially when ordering overseas. This often means that you have to be extra certain that the item will be exactly what you are looking for to avoid wasting your money and possible return charges.

4. Customer Experience

Online shopping definitely surpasses physical stores with convenience and time management, but one thing that it can not offer is the customer service and experience. Attention to detail is given to the décor, background music, lighting and product displays in order to give the customer an experience that they will not receive from their computer screens. Alongside exceptional customer service that is tailored to each customers own wants and needs.

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